I have a past as we all do. I’ve made mistakes and I’ve made good choices only to make mistakes again but the only difference now is I have given my life over to God and I know everything is either a lesson or a blessing. I use to write when I was a young girl and decided that if I could just reach one woman in this world and lift her up so that she knows she is loved by Jesus no matter what than my purpose on this earth would be fulfilled. As a child I’ve seen things that no little girl should see. My beautiful mother, may she rest in peace, struggled with multiple demons in her life such as drug addiction, depression, feeling like she could never measure up without a man and her most deadly demon of all, HIV which later turned to full blown AIDS, combined with cirrhosis of the liver, ultimately taking her soul to our Father, Lord in heaven in 2009. This blog is not to say “Hey world, I’m perfect because I found Jesus!” No, this blog is to document my journey through this world knowing who my savior is and feeling within the depths of my soul that God loves me no matter what my past may have been like. Further more that, yes I will fall, we all will. It’s only human nature but HE is always there to pick you back up. All you have to do is ask and have faith. Surround yourself with like mind people and ask Jesus for the life he meant for you to always have and it will be so, in HIS time.


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  1. Hi Iris! I just want to say thank you for your kind word on Lindsay Living Vegan’s post about my vegan story, please reach out if you’re interested in cleaning up your diet. I run 3-day detox groups for women and I would LOVE for you to join! I’m also putting together some free resources and meal plans (still in the works). My e-mail is ally@allyramser.com if you want more info.

    Also–I read your story above and I want to say you are SUCH a strong woman. I know it takes a lot of courage to get your story out there. I know you will help so many other people because of your blog and sharing your story. 🙂

    • Oh you’re welcome and thank you for taking the time and stopping by my little blog. I did debate a long time before writing again and sharing my story but this small, still voice in the back of my head never let the idea go. So here I am. Thank you again for your kind words and feel free to email me any info you have. I have been wanting to try meal planning but it’s hard to get started, ya know? marriedlady527@gmail.com

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