Can you guess?

Disclosure : Family Christian has provided me with this game for my review. All opinions are my own and I am not being compensated for this post other than the game itself.

Whether you are a seasoned believer or a newborn Christian one thing remains important in your spiritual walk and that is growth. To grow spiritually, I believe we must actively seek God in our everyday lives. In my opinion there are countless ways to do this and for me some of my favorites ways to feel closer to God throughout my daily routines are as follows: Making it a daily habit to read scripture through a bible reading plan, listening to worship music while I work, receiving daily devotionals, etc. The list can go on and on.

I recently received an opportunity to try out “The Action Bible Guess-It Game”. I was not financially compensated other than receiving the game and was asked to give my honest opinion.

Fun for Family night, Game Night or any other gatherings...

Fun for Family night, Game Night or any other gatherings…

At first the instructions to this game seemed a bit confusing but once I re-read the “How to” it was actually much easier than I originally thought. I played the game with a few of my coworkers. Some of us had more biblical knowledge than the others but all in all playing was still really fun for everyone. I feel as though this game would be a great idea for a family night whether spontaneous or planned. The way the points are setup you can have easy or hard levels.

Perfect For a Friendly Competition!

Perfect For a Friendly Competition!

What I love most about this game is that the card side with the answers also tells you which book the answer is in and the vs each clue is in. I even had a coworker whose Grandfather had been a bible scholar and church founder say and I quote, “This is a great way to study up on God’s word. I can just take a few cards a day and study my bible with them!”

I recommend The Bible Guess-It game to anyone looking to learn more about God’s word and who wouldn’t mind having lots of fun in the mean time. As you can see in the picture below, some will do better than others and NO, I will not tell you which letter was mine! Ha….Good luck and let me know what you thought of the game!

Scoring System Surprisingly Easy! (Say that 7 times fast)

Scoring System Surprisingly Easy! (Say that 7 times fast)



4rm Party Girl To Praying Woman


39 thoughts on “Can you guess?

    • One of my friends that played the game with me admitted that it’s been a while since the last time she read her bible. She had a blast and was actually the one I quoted on saying how she felt that this game could also double as a great study tool for someone who wanted to be more familiar with God’s word. Also I know a lot of great reading plans in an app that has helped not only motivate me to read more but is super convenient.

  1. I’ve never read the bible so I would lose this game very badly, haha. I imagine it’s a great learning tool for people interested in learning about the bible though!

    • It says 8+ and I think that’s a pretty fair age to start especially if they are already apart of a youth group at church. 😊

    • That’s awesome!! My friend liked the game so much she borrowed it the same day to take to her family and friends.

    • Yes its such a compact and simple travel game as well that my friend who is going in a group of married couples to a “love worth fighting for retreat” is taking the game to play on the way.

    • You’re welcome. Its very important to keep God’s word in our daily lives and you can’t lose when you add a way that the whole family can enjoy together! 😊

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